Car rental locations : why must you choose the best car rental locations in Costa Rica ?

When in Costa Rica, it is better to use a car to get to various destinations in the city. This is because these cars can help access locations which are unpaved and make your movement simple.

The problem for many tourists is finding the right car rental locations that will provide them with ideal services. Here is why you must rent a car with the best car rental locations around the country.

Car rental locations, where you can hire any car of choice

You can count on these rental agencies to always provide you with cars and good services in case you need help in Costa Rica. Choosing the right Costa Rica rental agency will make you get the best cars to rent.

Moreover, reputablecar rental locationsin Costa Rica like Jumbo Car offer tourists the best service which will make their stay comfortable. These rental locations can be stores, or rental agencies shops at airports, where you can pick up your vehicle anytime you want.

Adress : Río Segundo, Alajuela Province, Alajuela, 20109, Costa Rica

What you should consider when using car rental locations in Costa Rica?

There are many car rental locations in the city, however, you should choose rental services that have new cars. At most, the cars should average 6 months. Avoid patronizing rental agencies which don’t offer clean and new cars and only offer used vehicles.

German, Korean, and Japanese cars remain one of the best cars to rent worldwide. When considering car rental places in Costa Rica, visit those with premium cars. These cars are strong, durable and use minimal fuel consumption.

Moreover, when considering which rental locations to patronize, check for diversity and comfort. They must have many cars in addition to having new models. Also, their registration process must be simple, quick and without issues. There are nice car rental locations in San Jose and Saprissa, for example.

Customer service is ideal when considering the car hiring locations in the country to use. It will be best to choose those who are friendly and know how to answer queries. This is important if you are new to the city and need assistance in getting standard cars to rent.

Tips for driving in Costa Rica

Tourists should ensure they know more about driving around Costa Rica when renting their car. During the rainy season from July to November, renting a 4X4 car is your best choice, especially if your destination is close to a river. There might be a case of river overflow, which can affect most unpaved roads.

Most roads in Costa Rica are not labeled but have cardinal points, therefore GPS would be useful. Since you need to get to your destination, having a smartphone with a navigation app is suggested to avoid getting lost.

Moreover, you should avoid driving at night, because there might be overgrowth or livestock crossing the road which might cause problems. If it is compulsory to move at night, ensure your full lights are in good condition and drive slowly.

Also, while Costa Rica is safe and secure, ensure you close your car doors and always wind up. Tell people where you are going and always have your phone with you.

Renting a car in Costa Rica is easy when you use the right rental agency. There are many car rental locations in the country, however, it’s better to choose one with a good reputation.

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